The New Way to Invest in US Real Estate

Leaseum Partners is raising a $250 million Fund to invest in New York City commercial property. Fund shares are available as Blockchain-based digital shares or as traditional shares

Quarterly dividends paid in USD    or USDC  


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Invest in the world's largest economy

The US benefits from a stable macro-economic environment with record levels of employment and consumer confidence

Asset-Backed Digital Securities

Leaseum units are shares of a Real Estate investment fund. Leaseum holders will get dividends, capital gains, and voting rights

Cutting-edge financial engineering

Our Smart Real Estate Value Tracker mechanism will use potential market volatility to increase the yield for Leaseum holders

How it works

Leaseum Partners is raising a $250 million fund to invest in income-producing commercial property in New York City, issuing digital fund shares starting in Q1 2019. Leaseum unit holders will receive quarterly dividends and potential capital gains.

Trading of Leaseum Real Estate units at a low cost will be open 24/7/365 on regulated platforms, allowing investors to benefit from improved liquidity. Leaseum Partners offers an easy way to invest in professionally managed Real Estate.

  What are Digital Securities?

Investment Type

Income producing Commercial Real Estate


New York City, USA

Portfolio Diversification

Up to 6-10 Buildings

Dividend Distribution

Rental income, paid quarterly, in USD or Digital USD

Investment Philosophy

Long term value investing, income focus from stabilized assets, strong relationships lead to strong access to market opportunities

Quarterly reporting

Leaseum Partners will publish quarterly reports including independent third-party valuations of the Real Estate portfolio

Track Record

The Portfolio Manager Michael Chetrit currently oversees and manages 1,500,000 square feet of property in New York City, and has worked on several $1B+ deals in the US

Capital Gain

We expect the spot price and market capitalization of Leaseum digital securities to track the Real Estate potential capital gains, allowing short term holders to sell and realize profits. In any case, Leaseum holders will receive their share of the realized capital gains at fund term (10 years fund life)

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World-Class Real Estate Management

With over 1.5M sq. ft. in properties under management and several $1 Billion+ deals executed, our team has the expertise, network, and track record to deliver on our target returns.



Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Michael Chetrit of the Chetrit Organization is Leaseum Partner’s Portfolio Manager. He has a track record aligned to Leaseum Partners’ strategy of investing. That is, investing in stabilized NYC Commercial Real Estate assets with potential for high income growth through enhancement.

The Chetrit Organization is one of the most recognizable names in the American Real Estate market and has owned, developed and managed some of the most iconic buildings in the US. From the former headquarters of Standard Oil, to the Tiffany’s building on Fifth Avenue to the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, once the tallest building in the world. Current tenants in Chetrit owned properties include some of the biggest brands in the world: L’Oreal, Capital One, and WeWork.



Chief Investment Officer Real Estate

David Dahan is Leaseum Partners Real Estate Chief Investment Officer. With over 25 years of experience, he was previously at Aviva, the 12th biggest insurance company in the world, where he served as Head of Listed Real Estate Securities, co-Head of Alternative Income Solutions (Managing Director Real Estate, Infrastructure), and was a member of the Real Estate Executive Committee.

As a member of Aviva Investors’ Real Estate Executive Committee, he has had a wide range of responsibilities, including leading strategic and corporate development, creating and growing a number of new businesses, and leading real-asset based income strategies, private equity, listed real estate securities, infrastructure, and structured finance investment businesses and teams.

Portfolio Management Team Experience

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Leaseum Features and Benefits

Income Booster

Rental income from the properties will be paid to Leaseum holders in USD or Digital USD as quarterly dividends

Income Booster

Rental income from the properties will be paid to Leaseum holders in USD or Digital USD as quarterly dividends

Real Asset Backed

Leaseum digital securities are shares of a diversified portfolio of Real Estate

Risk Diversification

Real Estate constitutes an attractive asset class for risk-averse investors, especially during declining markets

Steady Growth

Leaseum spot price is expected to track the growing Real Estate portfolio value

World-Class Asset Management

Access top level Real Estate portfolio management, usually reserved to institutional investors and high net worth individuals

Enhanced Liquidity

Leaseum digital securities will be tradable on regulated platforms open 24/7/365, thus providing improved liquidity and easy access to Real Estate investment

Enhanced Liquidity

Leaseum digital securities will be tradable on regulated platforms open 24/7/365, thus providing improved liquidity and easy access to Real Estate investment

Indicative Roadmap

Q3 2018

- Private sale

- Light paper published

Q4 2018

- White paper published

- Private sale, pre-sale and online sale

Q1 2019

- Real Estate investment period begins

Q2 2019

- First dividends paid to Leaseum holders

- Leaseum is listed on trading platforms

2019 - 2029

- Leaseum digital securities are tradable on platforms

- Dividends are paid quarterly

- Active asset management is performed at the property level to improve returns for investors

- Additional properties can be bought and sold

2029: First 10y fund closes

- Remaining buildings are sold

- Capital gains are distributed to Leaseum holders (unless they want to reinvest)


Over 250 years of combined experience in real estate, private equity, asset management, investment banking, capital markets, law, marketing, and technology

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Private Equity, Real Estate & Consulting

Monaco Resources Group

Kurt Salmon (now Accenture Strategy)

13+ years experience



Chief Investment Officer Real Estate

Former co-Head Aviva Investors Alternative Income Solutions (Managing Director Real Estate, Infrastructure)

25+ years of experience



Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Principal at The Chetrit Organization, NYC-based single family office managing several billion USD of Principal real estate assets in Manhattan, and several USD 1billion+ deals done in the US.



Head of Financial Engineering

Multi Asset Quant & Risk Analyst

Senior Vice President Citi, Credit Suisse, Societe Generale

8+ years of experience



Head of Investor Relations

Equity Derivatives & Structured Products Institutional Sales Manager

Director Natixis CIB, BNP Paribas

12+ years of experience



Chief Marketing Officer

Internet entrepreneur

Co-founded the retail brand MADE.COM, second fastest-growing tech company in the UK in 2014 and multi-awarded European success

Advisor & Investor in the start ups & fast growing scale ups scene



Chief Financial Officer

Investment professional with 18 years of experience in M&A, ECM, Quantitative Proprietary Trading, Hedge Fund Management.

BNP Paribas, Commerzbank




Head of Growth at VC backed PropTech start-up, Acasa.

London city organiser for start-up consulting event, House of Genius.




Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Head of Engineering at STRATIS (top 40 by market capitalization) focusing mainly on privacy protocols



Asset Management & Blockchain Senior Advisor

CEO Team Blockchain, Fund economics and Securities expert

Over 25 years experience as CEO of Premier Asset Management (£1bn+ under management, floated in London)



Cross-Asset Trading

Managing Director Merrill Lynch Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Exotic Equity Derivatives Trading, Cross Asset Macro Hedge Fund Manager

15+ years of experience



Strategic Partnerships

Derivatives, hedging & alternative investments

Managing Director Aegon Americas, Natixis Alternative Investments, Celestar Capital Advisors, Axa Capital Advisors, Citi

30+ years experience



Legal & Compliance Advisor

US qualified lawyer and US qualified accountant

30+ years experience of legal, compliance and regulatory matters involving complex financial issues.

Forensic investigator at the FCA on cases linked to the LIBOR scandal.




Spent the last 10 years working in the online marketing arena and was the CMO for a large FX brokerage.

Sydney is among the top 20 experts in Europe and has previously worked with numerous online offering projects.

Sydney holds a degree in computer science and has 10+ years commercial experience

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What are Digital Securities?

A digital security is a digital asset that is subject to securities regulations. Digital securities serve as the intersection of digital assets with traditional financial products. They can be backed by real assets such as Real Estate or commodities but also financial assets such as equity or debt.

As opposed to traditional securities ownership which may be recorded in paper documents or computer files, digital securities are safely stored on the blockchain which brings a series of advantages:

Increased liquidity: Digital securities will be are tradable on the secondary market at any time on regulated platforms and peer to peer around the world. Trades are no longer tied to traditional trading hours – trading will be open 24/7/365.

More inclusive: It is more cost effective to issue and manage digital securities than it is for traditional securities. This means smaller investments are possible and a wider range of investors can access opportunities that used to be reserved exclusively to institutional investors and high net worth individuals.

Lower Costs: Issuance and trade execution are disintermediated, removing the costs of middlemen. Furthermore, digital contracts will help lower costs even more by removing the middle and back officers who have historically been needed to deal with securities lifecycle events.

Automated compliance: Embedded code in digital Contracts allows regulatory compliance to be automated. This leads to automated KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) completion and, ultimately, faster deal execution. In addition, because digital securities are registered on a distributed ledger, there is no need for conventional clearinghouses.