Investing In New York City Commercial Real Estate

Leaseum Partners is raising a USD 250 million ’Enhanced Core-Plus’ Fund to invest in New York City commercial property. The Real Estate Management is led by an experienced team with an extensive track record. The focus will be on the office and multifamily sectors.

Renowned Real Estate Investor

Opportunity to access the expertise of one of the premier real estate families in the U.S.

Quarterly Dividends

Income from stabilized assets with potential for yield enhancement.

Long-Term Value Investing

Leaseum Partners offers a 10-year, closed-ended Fund.

Real Estate Investment Management Team

With over 2 million square feet in properties under management and several $Billion managed, our team has the expertise, network, and track record to deliver on our target returns.



Chetrit Organization

Real Estate Portfolio Manager

Michael Chetrit of the Chetrit Organization is Leaseum Partner’s Portfolio Manager. He has a track record aligned to Leaseum Partners’ strategy: investing in stabilized NYC Commercial Real Estate assets with potential for high income growth through enhancement and capital gain.

The Chetrit Organization is one of the most recognizable names in the American Real Estate market, and has owned, developed and managed some of the most iconic buildings in the US. From the former headquarters of Standard Oil, to the Tiffany’s building on Fifth Avenue, or the Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower) in Chicago, once the tallest building in the world. Current tenants in Chetrit owned properties include some of the biggest brands in the world: L’Oreal, Capital One, and WeWork.



Former Aviva Investors

Chief Investment Officer

David Dahan is Leaseum Partners Real Estate Chief Investment Officer. With over 25 years of experience, he was previously at Aviva Investors, where he served as Head of Listed Real Estate Securities, Managing Director - Secure Income (Real Estate & Infrastructure) and co-Head of Alternative Income Solutions.

As a member of Aviva Investors’ Real Estate Executive Committee, he had a wide range of responsibilities, including leading corporate and product development, creating and growing new investment businesses, and leading real-asset based income strategies, private equity, listed Real Estate securities, infrastructure and structured finance investment businesses and teams.


Core-Plus strategy sources assets that have the ability to increase cash flows through light property improvements, management efficiencies or by increasing the quality of tenants and tend to be of high quality and well occupied. Historical rates of return range from 8-12%.


Value-Add strategy often have little to no cash flow at acquisition but have the potential to produce an increased amount of cash flow once the 'value has been added' through improvements or repositioning of the property. Historical rates of return range from 13-18%.

Enhanced Core-Plus

Enhanced Core+ is Leaseum Partners' approach to investing in stabilized assets with a robust income profile, but also with the opportunity to add leverage and to deploy focused and targeted value add asset management initiatives in order to enhance the yield.

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